Contractor and Vendor Management

Do you feel like your supplier is taking advantage of a long term relationship, do you believe has their services or quality have slipped and their invoicing leaves you raising your eyebrows?

Let Sagasso Consultancy assist you in managing your outsourcing service spend.  Our services includes:

  • Analysing and improving supplier performance
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Driving greater value from supplier relationships
  • Mitigating vendor risks

For some organisations vendor management is an after thought that realised after and contract is signed. Sargasso consultants recognise all element that should be contemplated before they sign any vendor contract.  Our consultant can provided some or all management elements including initial engagement with the vendors, evaluations, selection, negotiations of contracts, as well as manage that particular vendor over the life of the deal.

Contact us to help you see through the clutter.